Hello World Part Deux!

17 May

Well I started off well-intentioned but everything just fell apart. I decided to restart this blog after a pretty pathetic first attempt. I think what pushed me to go again was the renewal notice that my domain was about to expire. I kind of like the domain and think I can turn this blog into something interesting that people might actually find some value in. I think this time I’m just going to make this blog a little bit more freestyle. At first I had planned on doing a topic for each post, but this time I think I will just write about what I’m up to right now and what ideas are floating around in my head. As of now I am mostly just writing to myself. My stats show that somehow one visitor a month has made their way to my site. They must have really gone down the Google searches to come across this gem. Or maybe they used the site MillionShort a site which omits the 1 million most popular web sites from your searches. Just as a note, I did get some surprisingly good results when I used it as my search engine.

Anyways, just about a year has passed from my first posts, and I am still looking for some alternate sources of income. Once again work has gotten in the way. In the retail world you can work shifts all over the map. Morning, evening, closing, or night shift can by the norm. On top of that your days off often end up split or on completely different days from week to week. I honestly don’t even know what my schedule is going to be next week and I’m the Assistant Store Manager. The pay can be pretty good and there are quite a few benefits, but the headaches are never-ending. With my schedule there is almost no way for me to take on any sort of part-time job, because I would need an extreme amount of flexibility from any employer. In any case what I am looking for is something that can turn from just income on the side, to perhaps a new career. I would like nothing more that to start-up my own business and work for myself. I want to become an entrepreneur, but sadly I don’t have the courage to jump in head first. I’m the guy who takes 10 minutes to work himself into the swimming pool rather than the guy who jumps in head first. But there are many good reasons to proceed with caution. For one I have a baby on the way due in September, and my wife and I have just purchased our first house. Now with more bills to pay and a mountain of debt we need to be a bit more careful. So I’ll start off slow, but this time I am going to see it through.



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