Paid Online Surveys

11 Jun

One of the easiest ways to earn some income on the side on the internet is to participate in paid online surveys. All is required is a bit time and patience and you too can can make as much as a South East Asian factory worker. Don’t expect to make too much, although some more lucrative opportunities may arise. Most sites begin with a few general interest surveys in order for the sites to appropriately target users.You will need to divulge information on your age, sex, marital status, income and more. You will be asked question ranging from what you search for online to what brand the blinds are in your home. Some surveys can be quite interesting while others can be extremely dull and tedious. Surveys will last anywhere from a few minutes to close to an hour. Topics are varied but often follow similar themes across various sites. In some cases you may answer a number of questions in a survey before being disqualified for various reasons. Different sites also offer some variations on rewards and payment, but most operate in a similar manner. Below I will mention 4 different sites I have tried. I will try and give some of my personal experiences and try and give an honest account of my impressions. I fill also discuss the benefits of the referral systems for each site so you know what benefits you can receive for referring friends or family to the sites. As I use the sites I will add updates to let you know about my progress and experiences.

Ipsos i-Say


Opinion Outpost



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